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Sultaniye Hot Spring Boat Tour

Dalyan is famous not only for its natural beauties, but also for its health and relaxation opportunities. Sultaniye Spa Boat Tour is an excellent option for those who want to explore this unique source of healing. On this tour, while traveling in the peaceful waters of Dalyan, you will be introduced to the warmth and healing effects of the thermal waters in Sultaniye Spa.

Our boat tour starts at the Dalyan River and takes you to Sultaniye Spa. Throughout your journey, you will travel in an atmosphere full of relaxation and tranquility accompanied by magnificent natural landscapes. Your guide will give you information about the spa and tell you about the benefits of this natural health center.

Sultaniye Thermal Spring is famous for its thermal waters enriched with minerals. These warm waters are fed by natural springs coming out of the depths and have many health benefits. The hot water of the spa relaxes the muscles, reduces stress November and refreshes the body. The mineral content of thermal waters adds vitality to the skin and helps to heal skin problems. A bath you will take at Sultaniye Spa will pamper your whole body and allow you to leave with a feeling of well-being.

Our boat tour also offers the opportunity to explore the natural beauties around Sultaniye Spa. You can enjoy the surroundings by swimming in the calm waters of the Dalyan River or strolling through the surrounding reeds.Dec. In addition, during the tour, your guide will provide you with information about the flora and fauna of the region, allowing you to get to know the natural life up close.

Sultaniye Spa Boat Tour is an ideal option to relax both your body and soul. While experiencing the healing effects of hot thermal waters, you will relax in an environment surrounded by the natural beauties of Dalyan. We recommend that you join the Sultaniye Spa Boat Tour to explore the unique atmosphere of Dalyan and have a healthy experience. We are looking forward to waiting for you to accumulate unforgettable memories.

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